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2017-2018 Band Booster Fundraisers

Letter Writing Campaign (also known as the "Friends and Family" Fundraiser) – Within the first few weeks of school, parents are asked to make a contribution to support the band program, and students are asked to send letters to friends and family members who may be willing to make donations to the J.H. Rose Band Program.  The Band Boosters have chosen this option over selling products that return only a small percentage of sales to the program as profit.  The support received in the preceeding years from this program was very positive and we hope to have similar results in 2017-2018.   The proceeds from this fundraiser will be distributed as follows:  55% for instrument purchase/repair, 15% for the purchase of new music, 25% goes into savings for our uniform fund, and 5% for miscellaneous expenses.  For more details on the 2017-2018 Campaign, visit the Letter Writing Campaign Page.

Citrus Fruit Sale - For decades, the Rose High Band has been selling citrus fruit as a fundraiser.  We typically take orders through the month of October and the fruit is delivered in early December straight from the Florida citrus orchards.  Not only is this some of the best fruit you could eat, but it is sold at a very reasonable price.  We have customers who have purchased our fruit for decades and look forward to this sale every year.  The proceeds from this event help to fund the Annual Band Banquet, pay student event fees for county, district, and state band events, pay drivers and mileage for student travel to various band events, and help with instrument maintenance costs.


All-District Concessions - Every January, Rose High School is used as the site for the All-District Band Auditions.  We typically have around 800 students from throughout the region on campus auditioning to be a part of the All-District Band.  During their time here, we have a concession stand set up in the cafeteria to sell breakfast, lunch, drinks, and snacks.  The proceeds from this event go to help fund various band student event fees, purchase music for festivals, and help pay for the various awards given at the Band Banquet.

Other Fundraising - While the three activities listed above take care of our annual operating expenses and allow the program to upgrade and repair inventory, we do occasionally hold other fundraisers with a specific purpose in mind.  However, at this time none are planned for this school year. 

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