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The Band Boosters

2019 – 2020

Band Booster

 Executive Board

Brack Craven, Co-President 

Gwen Morning, Co-President


Laura Wiand, Vice President


Ann Stocks, Treasurer


Rich Weaver, Communications Secretary


Amanda Pongpairoj, Recording Secretary


Kay Craven, 12th Grade Representative


Katrina and Toby McMahon, 11th Grade Representatives


Shane Pongpairoj, 10th Grade Representative


(STILL IN NEED), 9th Grade Representatives

2019-2020    Meeting Minutes


​All families that have students in the J.H. Rose Band Program are members of the J.H. Rose Band Boosters. This organization is vital in providing support to ALL of the bands at J.H. Rose. Along with providing financial support to buy and repair instruments, purchase new music, pay student registration fees for honors band events, support the Annual Band Banquet, etc., the Boosters also provide volunteer manpower throughout the year to help us take trips, organize various fundraisers, organize the end of year awards program, and host social activities. While there is no longer a membership fee, we will still happily accept donations.


Common Band Booster Misconceptions

Misconception # 1:  It takes too much time to be active in the Band Boosters.  Your membership has no time requirement.  However, if every family volunteered a little help, there would be an amazing number of things that we could accomplish.  Please try to find a way to get involved and help the J.H. Rose Band Program!!!

Misconception #2: The Band Boosters are only for the marching band. The Band Boosters are active in planning social activities and trips for all of the bands. They also financially support instrument repair and purchase, as well as music purchases, for ALL of the ensembles. 
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