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Hi all!

It is time for our Friends and Family Campaign!

Our band is raising money to pay for the many expenses that we have during the year. Having a quality band program requires a very large budget, and only a fraction of that is provided by Pitt County Schools.

We ask you to consider making a contribution to support the band program that we all enjoy so much!

100% of your donation will be used to keep our program supplied with quality instruments and equipment required for an award-winning program.

Here is a Go Fund Me link, or you can donate with a check through your student.

Thank you so much for considering! 


Congrats to (from left to right) William Wiand, Bridget Kenny, Richard Schuster, Anisha Sadhale, Pascalle Aldib, Daniel Franklin, Nathan Jenkins, (not shown in the picture) Brandon Dobra, Chris Felton in participating and performing in the All-District Band! 

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